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Who Are We?

Cedarvale Orchids,  specialising in the breeding of cool growing Australian native species and  hybrids, commenced in November 1997 after purchasing the commercial stock and a  large part of a breeding collection from Ted and Barbara Gregory of Merrellen  Orchids on Mount Tamborine.  We have continued with the Merrellen breeding  programme and have taken on the challenge to develop more improved clones.

What Do We Do? 

Over the past 10 years we have increased our breeding of hot/cold stocks and have also undertaken the breeding of selected lines of Dendrobium bigibbum (The Cooktown Orchid) seedlings.  Our achievements have included HCC awards for both Den. bigibbum  var superbum ‘Samantha’ and Den. bigibbum var superbum ‘Judy’.  The quality of these great parents is evident in their progeny – and the line breeding of this species continues to amaze.  Of course the breeding of Den. speciosum and Sarcochilus seedlings still rates high on our priorities.

What Do We Sell?

We constantly strive to obtain high quality material to make available to our customers the best hybrids/species and extend our thanks to friends and commercial colleagues for supplying flasks and plants.  We are currently deflasking a whole new range of what we believe will be exciting new seedlings of both hybrids and species, particularly Den. speciosum. Our access to better parent plants has increased considerably and we feel the quality of some of this next release should be exceptional.



Intending visitors please note:  
If you are coming from the Bruce Highway we are 14.3 klms (in total)
west of the Pick N Pay Hypermarket travelling along Albany Creek Road
then onto Eatons Crossing Road (UBD Refidex 2000 ref A16 map 107).


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