How to Grow Orchids Indoors?

Blooming orchids look so ethereal that it's hard to believe you can grow them inside your home. Provided they have proper growing conditions, it isn’t difficult to learn how to take care of orchid plants

6 Self-Care Tips for Moms

Wash the dishes, do the laundry, take the kids to school, make dinner, shop for groceries, pick up the kids, repeat. Sound familiar? Often moms are so busy taking care of other people that they forget to take care of themselves — and when they do take time for self-care, moms feel guilty or selfish. It’s time to normalize and prioritize self-care for moms.

Self-Care for Teachers is More Important Than Ever

There hasn’t been a more tumultuous start to a school year in recent history. COVID-19 dips and spikes are making it hard for administrators to plan basically anything, and the looming question is whether to send our kids back to school this fall or teach them virtually. All this uncertainty means self-care for teachers is even more important than ever.

Teaching is an intensive job, even more so in the face of a pandemic. Making sure every child’s needs are met in-person, let alone virtually, can be taxing on a teacher’s mental health. Some teachers may think taking time for self-care diminishes the time they have to spend on students, but the truth is that self-care is not selfish. When teachers are at their best, they deliver better educational experiences — it’s that simple.

Wholesale Orchids for Life’s Biggest Moments

Are you the kind of person who shops early for gifts? Go green with this year’s gifts for all occasions and shop wholesale orchids in white or multicolor. Our bulk mini orchids match any home decor and they’re low-maintenance — perfect for plant parents of all skill levels!

For the month of July, get 10% off wholesale orchids with the code WHOLESALE10 at checkout.

Phalaenopsis Orchid Outside

Putting your Phalaenopsis orchids outside for the summer adds a nice splash of color to your patio or deck. Taking care of an orchid plant outdoors is easy, but they still need the same love and attention you give them indoors — including bringing them in for the night.

5 Floral Wedding Decorations That Aren't Centerpieces

Weddings instantly make people think of beautiful flowers. But flowers don’t have to be synonymous with centerpieces! As you plan your ceremony and reception, think about different ways you can incorporate flowers into your decor. Outside of wedding bouquets and boutonnieres, anything from napkin rings to drinks can be adorned with a type of flower.

Here are five of our favorite ideas.

6 Occasions to Gift A Money Tree Plant

2020 has been a rough year, period. So when you have an occasion to give a gift, why not give one that is thought to bring luck to its owner? Money tree plants are low-maintenance, making them perfect for experienced green thumbs and beginners alike!

How To Start A Self-Care Routine

Carving out some time for yourself can be hard when you’re already running 100 miles per hour for everyone else, and especially so during times of stress. But self-care is essential to your well-being because if you aren’t well, you can’t function well.


Phalaenopsis orchids are the perfect plant if you love the look of fresh-cut flowers but hate having to throw them out when they die a few days later. And when it comes to taking care of potted houseplants, your track record is less than stellar.

Sound familiar?

What if we told you there’s a way to get flowers that bloom for months with minimal effort? Phalaenopsis orchids are a great alternative to both fresh cut flowers and houseplants. Here are five reasons why.


Have you been trying to find the best place to buy orchids online? It's important to know what you're looking for. Let’s face it: as convenient as online shopping can be, sometimes the product that arrives in the mail isn’t what you were expecting.

5 Big Reasons to Buy Mini Orchids

Mini orchids are as gorgeous and as versatile as full-sized orchids. Also, aren’t miniature versions of things so darn cute in general? That’s why when you see a puppy, kitten or baby, it’s nearly impossible to keep a smile from spreading across your face. Mini orchids are no different.

Don’t believe us? Check out these five big reasons why you should invest in a mini Phalaenopsis!

How to Help Your Orchid Rebloom

If you were given a Phalaenopsis orchid around Valentine's Day, chances are its bloom cycle has finished. But just because you don’t see anything happening, it doesn’t mean your orchid is dead. This is merely the beginning of a new journey and an essential part of caring for orchids.

Why Self-Care Is Not Selfish

Self-care sometimes gets a bad rap as being a luxury the average person doesn’t have time for. When you do make time for self-care, it’s easy to be misunderstood by others as selfish. But if you don’t make time for yourself, who will? Here are some reasons why self-care is so important and how you can fit it into your lifestyle.

Postponing Your Wedding in 5 Easy Steps

You’ve been planning your big day for probably close to a year now and what happens? A global pandemic has forced you to postpone. What. A. Bummer. Coronavirus hasn’t been easy on anyone, but we feel for our brides- and grooms-to-be. Your love is everlasting and will get you through this (after all, that’s why you’re getting married, right?), and there will be a time when we can gather to celebrate your love.

For now, here are some things to remember as you move forward with postponing your wedding.

Thanking Front-Line Heroes With $1 Million in Orchid Donations

Flower deliveries bring light to unsuspecting loved ones on holidays or even just because. So why shouldn’t the same be true for the front-line workers who have risked their lives during the coronavirus pandemic? Just Add Ice and our parent company, Green Circle Growers, knew there couldn’t be a better time to live up to our mission of “making every day better with plants.”


Although National Nurses Week is wrapping up, it’s always a good time to show appreciation for the nurses in your life. In fact, the World Health Organization has declared 2020 “The Year of the Nurse” in honor of the 200th anniversary of Florence Nightingale’s birth. And with everything our nurses are doing to serve on the front lines during the coronavirus, we owe them a great many thanks.


Orchid care is so simple, you don’t need a green thumb to do it. In fact, orchids are perfect for first-time plant owners because they’re such low-maintenance plants.

Follow these steps to help your orchid prosper for months (maybe years) to come.


Anthuriums are a unique way to give your home a tropical, springtime feel while you wait for your outdoor plants to bloom.

Here are five unique ways to display anthuriums and get into the spirit of spring.



Mother’s Day plants can be a way to express your appreciation.  But it doesn’t have to be only about your mother specifically — it can be a celebration of all the women in your life who have helped nurture and support you.

But Mother’s Day doesn’t have to just be about your mother specifically, it can be a celebration of all mothers and women in your life who have helped nurture and support you.

Consider celebrating the following women with  Mother’s Day plants.


The warmth of the sun and the greenery sprouting makes those chilly winter days seem far away. During the spring season, it's important to make sure your plants are taken care of. Orchid care is incredibly easy, but there are a few supplies you’ll want to have on hand. Here are five orchid care essentials you’ll need for spring.


Check out these five creative gift ideas for moms with Mother’s Day right around the corner. Every year it seems like a struggle to find the perfect gift for someone as special as your mom. Why not try out one of these creative Mother’s Day gift ideas this year?




To slow the spread of the coronavirus, many people will be following social distancing guidelines for at least the next month. You want to do your part, but you also miss your loved ones. But social distancing doesn’t have to mean disconnecting!

Here are five thoughtful ways to spread cheer and stay connected during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Do air-purifying plants actually work? Yes! One of the cheapest and easiest ways to improve air quality is by incorporating houseplants into your home décor. Thanks to their ability to absorb toxins, certain plants can double as decoration, and they are a practical solution to your air quality problems.

Poor air quality in your home can have a negative impact on your family’s health—and you could be contributing to the problem without even knowing it.

Brighten Your Home With These Spring Pantone Color Trends

Spring has arrived and may people believe that it’s one of the best times of the year. The sun is shining, the air is warm, and the flowers are blooming. A good way to welcome the spring season is by adding some cheery, spring colors to your home. But the question that is always asked is “what’s in this spring?” Take a look at our guide for tips and tricks on how to brighten your home with spring 2020 color trends to have your home stylin’ in spring.


Give your best friend gifts that show how much they mean to you.  Although we celebrate the people we love in small ways every day, join in on making your friends smile and check out our top 10 list of our favorite and unique best friend gifts.

P.S. - These are gift ideas are also great for birthdays!

The Best Plants For Your Home Office

Does your home office leave you feeling less than inspired? 

One simple way to dress it up is by adding a few plants. In fact, research shows plants do more than make your workspace more visually appealing—they can improve your mood, promote innovation and improve air quality.

Of course, you don't want anything that's going to add to your growing to-do list, so look for long-lasting, low-maintenance indoor plants that will thrive with minimal care. Here are a few of our favorites. 


Although most houseplant pests are small enough to fly under your radar, the thought of any insects invading your home is enough to make your skin crawl. So how do you keep these pests from invading your home and killing your plants?


Give your best friend gifts that show how much they mean to you.  Although we celebrate the people we love in small ways every day, join in on making your friends smile and check out our top 10 list of our favorite and unique best friend gifts.

P.S. - These are gift ideas are also great for birthdays!


Anthuriums are bold, long-lasting houseplants that make a great addition to any home. Besides their beauty, they are very easy to take care of. Although anthuriums are tropical plants, they can still thrive in cold temperatures with a little TLC.  If you are planning on getting an anthurium, here are some benefits of keeping it in your home as well as winter care tips.

Celebrate Mardi Gras with Watercolor Orchids

Mardi Gras, or “Fat Tuesday” is Tuesday, Feb 25. The celebration is known to be a day of indulgence, as it is the kickoff to Lent for Catholics. If you are looking to throw a Mardi Gras celebration this year, here are a few tips for hosting and how to use watercolor orchids in your celebration.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her: 3 Women You Can’t Forget


Celebrating Valentine’s Day is a great way to show your love and appreciation for anyone who gives your life meaning. Although the holiday is typically associated with couples, there are others who deserve to receive something special from you. Here are three women you can’t forget on Valentine’s Day and a list of gifts they’ll love.

Need A Present Last Minute? Why Orchid Gifts Are Perfect!

Could orchid gifts be perfect for last-minute shopping?  Imagine tomorrow is your sister’s birthday. To celebrate, your entire family is gathering for a picnic at her home. You’ve known about the picnic for weeks, but for reasons beyond your control, you have not had the opportunity to purchase a gift (You’ve barely had time to decide what dish you’ll contribute!).

You head to your local grocery store thinking, “I’ll just pick her up a card and something small.” But the further you walk down the gift aisle, the more dismayed you become with your choices. Just as you’re about to give up and head to her house empty-handed, you spot the beautiful blooms of Just Add Ice® orchids. 

No matter the occasion, we’ve all found ourselves desperately trying to find a suitable gift at the last minute. Just Add Ice® orchids are ideal last-minute gift candidates because they are conveniently located in grocery stores and garden centers. But there are more reasons why you should choose orchids as a gift:



Give your best friend gifts that show how much they mean to you.  Although we celebrate the people we love in small ways every day, join in on making your friends smile and check out our top 10 list of our favorite and unique best friend gifts.

P.S. - These are gift ideas are also great for birthdays!


Can orchids be pet-safe houseplants? Many orchids and other houseplant owners also keep friends of a four-legged variety!

If you have cats and dogs at home, you’re probably wondering which plants are non-toxic to animals and safe to keep at home with your pets. 

You’re in luck because we offer several pet-safe houseplants that make great decor and also won’t hurt your furry friends if they happen to take a nibble.



5 Plants That Symbolize Love


With Valentine’s Day approaching, plants are the perfect gift for a family member, friend, or loved one. Besides their beauty, plants also have symbolic meanings. If you’re looking to get a plant for your special someone this Valentine’s Day, here’s a list of plants that symbolize love.


Having supportive and empowering female friends is the gift we give ourselves.

Not only do our closest girlfriends understand us in ways the men in our lives cannot, but they also act as lifelines of support at critical times. They’re often the first people we call when we have happy news to share as well.

Show your girlfriends how much you value their friendship with these amazing Valentine’s Day gift ideas.



Valentine’s Day is coming, and you need gift ideas for plant lovers. This year, don’t spend hours scouring the aisles of stores for something less obvious. Instead, give your loved one a gift that keeps on giving and one you’ll know they love: a plant. Luckily, there’s still time!

Whether you’re seeing someone new or planning a romantic evening with a longtime love, you can make the day memorable and meaningful with these original Valentine's Day gift ideas for plant lovers.

5 Low-Maintenance Houseplants That Can Easily Brighten Up Your Space

Low-maintenance houseplants can act as a quick decorating tool to help brighten up your space. Household plants are also known to reduce stress and improve your mood — even NASA has signed off on the importance of indoor plants for better air quality.

5 Creative Ideas for a Bridesmaid Proposal Box

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, so you want to make sure all your favorite people are there—including your girl squad.

A bridesmaid proposal box is a simple, creative way to invite them to play supporting roles on your big day.

Here are some unique items you can include.


Orchid care in winter months is very important for healthy development.  You already know orchids love the summer months (after all, they're a tropical plant), but that doesn't mean your orchid can't continue to thrive now that the temperatures are dropping. 

Here are five simple tips for orchid care in winter months to keep your orchid happy, healthy and beautiful.

Too Much Heat Can Damage Your Phalaenopsis Orchid

You spend all winter trying to stay warm—but did you know your Phalaenopsis orchid could actually be getting too much heat right now?


So you just got engaged—congratulations! While this is certainly an exciting time, the idea of planning a wedding can seem overwhelming.

First, take a deep breath and remember, you don’t have to do everything at once! You can take small steps toward wedding planning now to make things less overwhelming later.

Start by asking three basic wedding planning questions.


If you’re looking to add elegance to your home, look no further than a white orchid.

A white orchid adds a breath of fresh air in between the red, green, silver and gold typically seen in home decor during the holiday season. Reminiscent of a snowy winter day, white orchids are easy to care for and will last up to three months with proper care.

If you’re unsure about how to start adding white orchids to your holiday decor, follow these quick tips.


While poinsettias add a beautiful red pop of color to any home and bring about a feeling of holiday nostalgia, they can be challenging to keep alive once the holidays are over.

This holiday season, dress up your home with these festive, long-lasting poinsettia alternatives.


During this time of year, it’s important to reflect on the past twelve months and the different moments and people in your life that got you to where you are today. Personally, your family and close friends may have been there for support. Professionally, your colleagues and clients may have helped you find success.


The Thanksgiving holiday often brings together family and friends that we haven’t seen in a while.

While some loved ones are easy to talk to, other conversations may not be so natural. Bringing up politics, religion, work or relationships can make things awkward quickly. And (believe it or not), not everyone wants to talk about the football game.

Make the most of your time together with these unique Thanksgiving dinner conversation starters.


What do you get someone who seems to have it all? 

There's always at least one person on your list who has you stumped each year. They have just the right accessory to match every outfit. Their home is immaculate and beautifully decorated. Anything they want, they buy for themselves. 

You still want to surprise them with a thoughtful gift for the holidays—but what can you get that will stand out? Here are three great ideas. 


Unsure about what you should bring to Thanksgiving dinner this year? Oftentimes, we think of bringing dishes to contribute to the day’s feast, but if you’re ready to switch it up, it’s always a fun idea to contribute to the atmosphere and show your appreciation at the same time.

One way to stand out from the other guests is to gift your Thanksgiving dinner host with an indoor plant. Indoor plants make wonderful gifts that will last beyond the Thanksgiving holiday and into the long, cold months of winter. Here are some of our recommendations.


Are you bored with the same Thanksgiving menu every year? Why not get a taste of what everyone else in the country is enjoying and feeling grateful for?

We break down the unique meals different regions in the United States hold near and dear to their hearts below. Give them a try!